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Version management is far better in onshape. Menu structure of onshape is more like the usual cad software. Scripting is better in fusion (purely by my preference of python over javascript) but in onshape the used scripts live in the project which is better. Onshape has no cam module which is a huge plus for fusion. Both tools have no global parameters to do parametric design which is sad.

Learning Fusion360... Building my 3D Printer in that (I already did in Onshape, which i find a bit more intuitive) notable things so far: Parts management is better in fusion360 (purely ui), difference between assembly and part is better in onshape. Fusion has no standard part library, timeline approach is weird. Performance of onshape is better on slower machines, fusion lags on those. Fusion works offline onshape does not.

white leds don't emit light directly - they excite a phosphor, similar to how a crt works.

and we're slowly using them to replace orange sodium vapor streetlights.

what i mean is, someday the sky over _every_ port will _literally_ be the color of a television tuned to a dead channel.

So now i exchanged the power supply fan with something much quieter... i hope the meanwell power brick does not actually need that crazy high airflow that the old fan provided... next loudest part: the 30mm hotend cooling fan (and the squeaky old polyurethane belt of the y axis). Oh my this feels like a rebuild already...

Back to the wade extruder sadly... the direct drive needs more work, extrusion was rather inconsistent...

More cabling... now on full trinamic drivers... the thing is finally silent... now it’s the power brick fan that makes most of the noise... gaah

Cable management... what for? I mean i will change something in two weeks again... i know myself... and there are some trinamic drivers that have to be wired up... more cabling again...

Quick build: 18650 charger from protection/charger board, 3D printed housing and a pair of springs. Charges from USB and has a protected output (1A max) on the other end. Planning to do a second one with a switch to switch between regulated 5V (500mA) and regulated 3.3V (700mA) output

Sadly Spectrum Chat is no option either because it is based on rethinkdb, which is dead apparently...

"What the installer does: Configures the various third-party services Zulip uses, including Postgres, RabbitMQ, Memcached and Redis"

No, it will not, I am actually using 75% of these services already and as far as I can see it probably destroys my setup.

I really want to try zulip (slack alternative chat with innovative threading) as it is actually a django app and has a cool interface with reasonable dependencies, but i can not install it without contaminating my server.

Oh and don't always assume that all services you are dependend on will run on the same machine. My postgres big iron will probably only run postgres and will be shared by many services.

And no, I will not run a docker container that you provide as I don't know what's actually in there and how to apply security updates to it.

Why the hell does every project nowadays think they are the only one running on a server? Everyone dumps stuff all over the system and has their own puppet/ansible/etc. scripts that transform the complete server into something that runs that project but nothing else. I will not run those, if you don't have a "manual installation" you may be dead for a lot of people before even get tried out!

i mean, ISPs have safe harbor protections, but if they keep a server with tons of copyright violations or child porn on it, they lose those protections, so 100% of the time a server like that is going to be taken offline

so, moderation on peertube instances is *critical*, and it's absolutely *disturbing* to me that peertube does not provide any useful tools here in a 1.0 release

if this were peertube 0.1 or something, i'd understand, but a 1.0 release should have the ability for instance admins to *comply with their legal obligations*
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