@macsnider och nach dem dritten mal nachfragen bei der selben person kennen die dich dann und es kommt nur ein kopfschütteln wenn du reinkommst (nicht selbst getestet aber n kumpel)

@breakthesystem so that was the chocolate side (does that even exist in english?) i guess 😀

@jedie liegt daran, dass die mobile version nen kompletter rewrite ist im vergleich zur pc version. Die windows 10 store edition ist nochmal komplett unabhängig und hat afaik auch ne komplett andere codebasis. Alle 3 versionen haben unterschiedliche features und level dateiformate... keine ahnung warum man das nicht irgendwann mal vereinheitlicht hat

@cpsdqs @MightyPork it’s not even that complicated to render with three.js and a wkb parser... had done a proof of concept some time ago... took me 2 days and even renders (very simple) 3d buildings. So what’s the bleeding edge there 😀 But yeah, mapbox gl is even open source. Getting vector tiles isn’t that simple though

@vollkorn @breakthesystem tut es... auf fast allen karten steht dass filmen und fotografieren verboten ist wegen copyright... wegen privacy könnt ich mit ja noch einbilden aber was zur hölle verletzt an nem schlechten handy video oder noch so guten fotos ein copyright?

Blockchain study finds 0.00% success rate and vendors don't call back when asked for evidence • The Register - theregister.co.uk/2018/11/30/b #rr

@cringe @alsternerd i don’t think that is absolutely correct... there are in fact things that are just done. When there is nobody filing bugs or feature-requests and the project just works... but yeah you should state that in the readme probably 🙂

@xyzzy cool, will look into that tomorrow morning. Tell me if someone got it already, would be interested on the approach 🙂

@xyzzy do you have an example file of each type somewhere? I could give you a nextcloud upload link if you do not have space anywhere. I don’t know the file formats but would be interested in reverse engineering them 🙂

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My Girlfriend wants to bake cookies and we have an insider joke about "Patriotic Sugar Cookies" so I made a patriotic cookie cutter... 3 Minutes Fusion360, let's see how long it takes to print that thing :D

I actually inserted a sleep(1) into a communications frontend with an IoT device to fix a bug (the bug being that the device ignores commands that are sent too rapidly instead of sending an error message back)

@MacLemon then go and search on alibaba directly, that adds complete shipping containers if dried fruit to the mix 😀

@lastfuture yep, i know autodesk inventor and onshape and am now learning fusion360 because i can get it for free and it has CAM and rendering which onshape does not have (and inventor is by far too pricey). Additionally it has the side effect that i can build extensions to the printer 🙂

So that happens when a constraint can not be solved in Fusion 360

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