I program for over 20 years. I just closed some tabs from yesterday:

"how to create directory in python"
"concat lists python"
"load 2 models tensorflow"
"how set pythonpath"

and some others.

And yes. I have a masters degree in informatics.

You don't need to learn things that you rarely need & are just 1 duckduckgo away by heart. Knowing that they exist and what to search for is sufficient.

Important are the thing you cannot search. Concentrate on those.

#ImposterSyndrome #elitism

It lives! My OBS plugin to center a camera onto an ArUco marker is finally working. No more touching the camera while filming/streaming, just show the marker and the camera centers on it. github.com/dunkelstern/obs-aru

@prophet_goddess @staticsafe@mastodon.zombocloud.com if you’re into the harder styles try the stuff from klaudia gawlas 🙂

@blinry @rstockm wow ihr habt zulip zum laufen gebracht? Mit den docker containern oder direkt? Mag mir da mal jemand ne kurze anleitung posten oder linken? *liebschau*

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Hm ok this is interesting... if a mastodon instance is down for some time the timeline gets scrambled for some time until it catches up to the network... I have stuff that is 7 hours old and toots that were written a minute ago intermixed...

@adlerweb hm ein cpu lüfter, ein 5v usb netzteil n bisschen kabel ein schalter und ein halber meter nichrome draht? Funktioniert dann so lang bis der lüfter schmilzt?

@wxcafe until you are logged in and it fails again because you didn’t remember 😀 i think i would be lost without at least vim and midnight commander on anything that i use.

@Thalestria @alsternerd extra goodie: solltest du nextcloud verwenden und da hin und wieder das webinterface nutzen: es gibt ein plugin um das miteinander zu integrieren 🙂

@Thalestria @alsternerd du musst es nicht online nutzen, es gibt ne snap app die läuft komplett offline (im hilfe menu ist glaub ich ein link), aber zum ausprobieren taugt es auch im browser erstmal.

@Thalestria @alsternerd was muss es können? Draw.io läuft im browser (und es gibt ne snap app) und kann auch mindmaps, evtl taugt dir das ja...

@frumble aptx ist im prinzip adpcm... soweit ich das verstehe geht dir u.U bittiefe bzw. dynamikumfang flöten, ist also nicht lossless

@BartG95 From a developer standpoint i find it easier too: you can actually build tools that only extract the chunks pretty easily without knowing the complete grammar (think framing vs parsing)

@BartG95 length prefixes are often the only possible things for efficiency in hardware (where ram is low) or stream processing. You will find TLV (type, length, value) everywhere. From video/audio/image compression formats (png, mp4/mov container, h264) to modern protocols like apple homekit. With a length prefix you can start parsing your data as it streams in without waiting to find the delimiter to backtrack from there to allocate your processing memory.

Out with the three remote controls, in with the 3d printed daughterboard housing for the firetv remote. It contains an arduino nano, an IR LED, a lipo charger+battery, has 6 buttons (av receiver power, projector power, aux power, receiver input, vol up/down) and will clip onto the side of the firetv remote. Best trick up my sleeve: if you don’t press a button the arduino will take no current at all.

@breakthesystem that’s what you get from a hive intelligence... it all boils down to the smallest common denominator which in this case seems to be a stoned neural net... how fitting 😀

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