It lives! My OBS plugin to center a camera onto an ArUco marker is finally working. No more touching the camera while filming/streaming, just show the marker and the camera centers on it.

Out with the three remote controls, in with the 3d printed daughterboard housing for the firetv remote. It contains an arduino nano, an IR LED, a lipo charger+battery, has 6 buttons (av receiver power, projector power, aux power, receiver input, vol up/down) and will clip onto the side of the firetv remote. Best trick up my sleeve: if you don’t press a button the arduino will take no current at all.

Nice pretty pictures... This is a comparison of the Geolocation API (Coordinates from Celltowers and Wifi) from UnwiredLabs (blue), Google (red), Skyhook (green) and our own learning algorithm (yellow). Seems we do not have enough data yet.

Yeah it seems to work. Have to dial in my cutting depth a bit but hey, you can see what it should look like. And i just broke one drill while testing the workpiece z homing sensor (because i forgot to ground the drill). So i have now a version of marlin that can probe the workpiece to determine the length of the drill in the chuck. And i have a modified version of flatcam that uses that for tool changes. Enough for today

And so my trusty mendel90 becomes a PCB mill... some firmware patching has to be done though. I have to optionally disable the heater runaway protection as there isn’t even a thermistor connected right now... and if course the first prototype of the toolhead is not rigid enough. Iteration 2 will follow when this one proves working.

My Girlfriend wants to bake cookies and we have an insider joke about "Patriotic Sugar Cookies" so I made a patriotic cookie cutter... 3 Minutes Fusion360, let's see how long it takes to print that thing :D

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