My Girlfriend wants to bake cookies and we have an insider joke about "Patriotic Sugar Cookies" so I made a patriotic cookie cutter... 3 Minutes Fusion360, let's see how long it takes to print that thing :D

So that happens when a constraint can not be solved in Fusion 360

CAD on and on... have built all screws and other hardware, now for some custom parts (could not resist assembling the y table further though)

Learning Fusion360... Building my 3D Printer in that (I already did in Onshape, which i find a bit more intuitive) notable things so far: Parts management is better in fusion360 (purely ui), difference between assembly and part is better in onshape. Fusion has no standard part library, timeline approach is weird. Performance of onshape is better on slower machines, fusion lags on those. Fusion works offline onshape does not.

More cabling... now on full trinamic drivers... the thing is finally silent... now it’s the power brick fan that makes most of the noise... gaah

Cable management... what for? I mean i will change something in two weeks again... i know myself... and there are some trinamic drivers that have to be wired up... more cabling again...

Quick build: 18650 charger from protection/charger board, 3D printed housing and a pair of springs. Charges from USB and has a protected output (1A max) on the other end. Planning to do a second one with a switch to switch between regulated 5V (500mA) and regulated 3.3V (700mA) output

So now it can actually render streets too :) (And i've cleaned up the code... will deploy to github soon)
The data for this view is actually dynamic, it is fetched directly from a database, in theory I could build that thing to chunk load

Does anybody know if and how OpenStreetMap stores heights of buildings?

Hello Three.js... Rendering extruded buildings from OpenStreetMap data... The most complex thing actually was to parse the WKT geometry to get it into the ThreeJS library. Rendering is really straightforward :)

Ok wow, it seems visual studio code leaks open file descriptors to all processes started by the internal terminal?!? I mean my bash has file descriptors for some *.asar files from vs-code... o.O

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