Learning Fusion360... Building my 3D Printer in that (I already did in Onshape, which i find a bit more intuitive) notable things so far: Parts management is better in fusion360 (purely ui), difference between assembly and part is better in onshape. Fusion has no standard part library, timeline approach is weird. Performance of onshape is better on slower machines, fusion lags on those. Fusion works offline onshape does not.

Version management is far better in onshape. Menu structure of onshape is more like the usual cad software. Scripting is better in fusion (purely by my preference of python over javascript) but in onshape the used scripts live in the project which is better. Onshape has no cam module which is a huge plus for fusion. Both tools have no global parameters to do parametric design which is sad.

You can work around that in fusion and onshape by creating a parameter master “part” from which you derive your other parts. It works but is clunky. Onshape has the ability to make a variable externally visible to the assembly which includes the part which is cool for rails and shafts because you can set their dimensions when importing them, could not find that in fusion.

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