So now it can actually render streets too :) (And i've cleaned up the code... will deploy to github soon)
The data for this view is actually dynamic, it is fetched directly from a database, in theory I could build that thing to chunk load

Does anybody know if and how OpenStreetMap stores heights of buildings?

@blub oh cool somehow i did miss that in my research... thanks for the link, let's see how i can use this. It seems I should build the 3D geometry on the server side because it can be much more complex to do than just extruding the ground planes... This calls for a more structured approach :D

AFAIK dies it in the clientside. But something that is still missing at the 3D universe is a floss #citygml exporter!

@blub am not a gis expert, who uses cityGML and for what purposes? I mean it's XML which is a bit complex to work with and usually not the most space saving format.

It wraps 3D sceneries (elevation, buildings, cityfurnitures, ...) and adds semantics (e.g. this are roof faces).

There is a existing ecosystem e.g. NASA #worldwind viewer, DB schemas, tile servers etc. but there is no way to translate OSM data to this 3D GIS world -.- Would be great benefit and fill a gap.

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